Matter Over Mind

Join Noa Belling for a talk offering practical strategies for managing stress and gaining personal insight with methods from her new book, The Mindful Body. The Mindful Bodyis a book about building emotional strength and managing stress with body mindfulness. Supported by psychological and neuro-scientific research, this approach guides us to apply body awareness in support of physical, mental and emotional health. Benefits can apply personally and professionally.

“The Mindful Body offers a riveting, much needed, and clear-eyed look at the body mind connection in an empowering way. Popularly accessible, credible and breezily enjoyable. As a facilitator, Noa is impressive with sharing her vast knowledge with fascinating ease and interaction. Noa has not only thoroughly researched her book, she lives it and powerfully represents a Mindful Body.”

- Rachael Rogan, Yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator

 “The Mindful Body is an important contribution to society and to the somatic psychology field. It offers simple, accessible methods to draw on body awareness for potentially profound effect. Benefits include enhanced vitality, empowerment and joy as individuals and together.”

- Diane Poole Heller, PhD, Somatic Attachment and Trauma Resolution expert

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