Family Constellations: The Ancestors and Future Generations lie Within us

Families have an unconscious mind and soul that travels across generations and entangles those who follow in the fates of those who came before us. We are deeply bonded to family members we may not have even known or knew existed: a parent’s deceased sibling; a grandmother’s rage; a stillborn baby, miscarriage, or abortion; ancestors who were enslaved or enslaved others; a father’s allies who died in wartime; ancestors who stayed in the home country; and many others. Out of blind loyalty, we may invite situations into our lives in an unconscious attempt to restore balance to our family systems. The dynamics of this larger blueprint lies beyond our awareness, yet its effects on our lives is profound.

Family Constellations identifies and resolves difficult life issues in our family, work, business, health or creativity. The constellation approach looks at these issues through a wide lens which can include past generations, trans-generational traumas, and epigenetic inheritance – as often it is here that the root of the problem belongs.


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