Bi-polar, Transformation and Body Alignment

"I will speak briefly about my challenges of growing up as a learner with exceptionally high anxiety and the contributing factors that lead to my first breakdown, a diagnosis of bi-polar and being put on medication…9 years off medication, a second breakdown, medication, deciding to have my child after being told I should never have a child, and my last breakdown.

Then I discovered Body Alignment therapy and it transformed my life. Body Alignment works on an energetic level with the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. It gets down to the 'issue is in the tissue', working with the cellular memory of trauma and bypassing the conscious mind. It works to re-write  and heal one’s life script. This therapy is very effective and the shifts are remarkable. I was able to make peace whilst healing so much of my trauma and issues. 

I trained and became a therapist myself in 2006; and have worked with children with learning barriers for the past 15 years.  I combine my artistic background, intuitive healing, and knowledge accumulated through my own challenges and experience I have gained along the way. I also work with animals and that too has immediate shifts."


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