How Interfaith can save our Religions

"My journey from small town Methodist childhood to soon-to-be-ordained Interfaith/ Interspiritual Minister, has flowed through a number of careers."

"I never thought of myself as having a particular life mission until I entered Seminary. But Interfaith ministry is my unfolding passion and a number of recent experiences have taught me that it is a movement that could save the world's religions."

"In April I traveled to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with my colleague from Faith Hope Love Communities. We had collaborated on an event that won the HM King Abdullah II Prize for the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The purpose of our trip to Jordan – which coincided with Holy Week – was to collect our prize from His Majesty King Abdullah II and meet the second and third place prizewinners."

"The trip was sandwiched between extremist attacks on Mosques, Churches and a Synagogue which shocked the world, but were just the latest in a growing series of similar tragedies."

"This timing serves to emphasize the importance of working towards Interfaith Harmony. My presentation unpacks a vision of emerging peace and explores options for constructive response to the horror that unfolds when people at prayer are targeted."

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