Hypnosis 4 Healing

What exactly is hypnosis?

More importantly, what is it not?

How can Hypnotherapy help you?

Chantal Davis-Swartz is a qualified Hypnotherapist practicing in the southern suburbs.

Come and listen to her explain exactly what hypnosis is, and allow her to allay any fears you may have developed around this highly effective modality.

She explains the role and the power of the subconscious mind in hypnotherapy, and how it can be harnessed to relieve so many issues that people struggle with, such as:

*anxiety, stress and phobias

*low self esteem and self confidence

*performance enhancement for sport, studying etc

*compulsive behaviours

*weight and food issues


and many more...

Chantal will also discuss the use of past life regression as part of the therapeutic process, as well as spiritual hypnosis, involving soul journeys /life between lives / higher self work.

Find out how transformative this kind of therapy can be.

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