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CHAMTRUL RINPOCHE - Happiness in Troubled TimesWhen times are challenging it is very easy to get into worried or stressed states of mind, which can affect our health and happiness. In this talk we look at how to remain happy even when outer circumstances dictate that we should be unhappy. Read More >
NOA BELLING - Matter Over MindMatter over mind: How does your mind live in your body? And how can body awareness help you change your mind and your experience of life?Read More >
TAMMY GODSALL - Live A Life You LoveAs a Happiness Coach, Speaker and founder of The Happiness Consultancy, I help people discover who they are, what they love and why they’re here so they can live their happiest lives. So I have some questions for you…Would you like a life that you love? A life you don’t need a vacation from? A life that is filled with joy, happiness, passion and purpose? You can. Living a life you love is about going on a self-discovery journey and understanding who you truly are, what you love and why you are here and being in action of that. I will show you how.Read More >