Delene Van Dyke

Delene Van Dyk

Delene is a Nurse Therapist and Nurse Educator by profession, with more than 25 years' experience in the field of mental health, sexual health and education.

She runs her own international consultancy, 2nd Sight Consultants, focusing on training, development and mentorship of individuals and groups, to understand human sexuality, specifically sexual and gender diversity. She consults to various governments, NGO's and the private sector in Africa and internationally.

She is a sought after public speaker, talking about the things that most adults struggle to talk about in a sex positive and affirming way.

She has trained, sensitized and mentored more than 30 000 people, nationally, in the SADC, Africa and internationally, developed and edited various training materials, and presented papers and workshops at seventeen international conferences.

The training modality, Binaries & Boxes (or Not!) is acknowledged as groundbreaking in understanding gender and sexual identity, diversity and fluidity, from various international platform, including The World Association of Sexual Health (WAS).

She works as part of the multidisciplinary team in specialized sex positive sexual health private practice, My Sexual Health, facilitating the increased understanding of sexual and gender diversity for clients and colleagues.

She offers Sex Ed For Adults and CPD accredited courses, capacitating parents and health care providers in the private and public sector to have sex positive conversations with their loved ones and clients.

She is a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa's (PsySSA, similar to APA) core team for developing and publishing Practice Guidelines For Psychology Professionals Working With Sexually and Gender-Diverse People.

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