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Chris Roland

Chris Roland clean

In 1993 at age thirty-seven, Chris Roland closed his company in Los Angeles, sold everything he owned, slipped on a backpack and travelled around the world for three years. Nearly penniless, Chris arrived in Cape Town and dug in.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur turned innerpreneur having set up and managed nine companies in the self-Improvement, entertainment, eCommerce, and real estate/construction industries. Chris is a visionary leader with a clear and insightful global view of any task at hand, and balances logic and analysis with creativity, holistic thinking, and intuition.

As the founder of INSPIRE, Chris helps individuals, companies, and organizations reach their highest potential, and takes the approach that to change what is outside, one must first change what is inside. Chris is an insightful Transformational Teacher, Speaker, and Writer, with a unique and intuitive toolset drawn from his extensive experience and knowledge.

In entertainment, Chris is an exceptional film & TV creative development, production, marketing and distribution professional with 30 years experience. He embodies the rare combination of creative talent, business management, and technical expertise across several disciplines including; concept development, showrunner, producer, director, writer, physical & post-production, marketing, finance, legal, and international treaties.

Chris has written, directed, and/or produced 80+ films, TV programs, commercials, and videos, and has worked with such icons as Lion's Gate, MGM, Fox, Bunim Murray, Nu Metro, Texaco, Kellogg's, Pepsi, Suzuki, Saatchi & Saatch, MTV, MNET, SciFi & FX, and has been a judge for the International Emmys since 2009. Visit IMDB or www.chrisroland.biz for details.

Chris has travelled in 60+ countries, is a multi-engine rated pilot, holds both SCCA and IMSA auto racing driver licenses, served in the US Air Force, climbed the highest US mountain, dropped out of high school, is an avid scuba-diver with 1000+ dives earned while excavating the world's oldest known shipwreck with the Institude of Nautical Arachaeology, regularly participates in Native American traditions and Art of Living and similar courses, and has let go of everything twice in his life, an experience he highly recommends!

Chris' inspiring book, "IT'S NOT PERSONAL, Letting Go and Gaining an Island", and his soon to be released "Who Are You and What Do You Want" are available on Amazon or www.chrisroland.org.





Chris Roland

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