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Panel of Psychics

Clairvoyants for the night

Michelle Vooght is a spiritual healer, coach and teacher who has spent the last 12 years working in the spirit realm and helping clients to create abundance in all areas of their life by equipping them with the skills to create the kind of life they were predestined to live.

A clairsentient (able to feel and pick up on concealed emotions), a clairaudient (able to hear sounds or words from the spirit world) and a clairvoyant (able to see people and angels in the spirit world), Michelle has assisted individuals, professionals within the corporate world, business owners and those who are terminally ill with authentic guidance regarding various questions they have had about their lives.

Alyson Rossouw is a Clairvoyant Psychic that can help you connect to the past, present, and the future, She intuits information and messages from the spiritual world through guides and those who have crossed over.

Wendy Roberts is an experienced, personal, life skills coach that offers intuitive guidance and teaching to assist in the development and growth on the path of life. She has written several articles published in the Western Cape "Link-up" and the Edgemead "Guardian", she has appeared as a guest on "Cape Town TV", "Voice of the Cape" Radio and "Cape Talk Radio". "Smile Radio" and Center of Spiritual Philosophy" She is highly thought of by both her clients and the public that seek her out for opinion and support, including the South African Police that have consulted with her on a Murder case. Wendy has a passion for people and believes all are entitled to have love, prosperity and blessings in their lives. She brings this from her youth where she was the youngest of a family of 5 children, and at the tender age of 7 discovered her strong connection to God and her Guides in the form of visions and communications. She developed this gift by studying Philosophy in her 20s and has been blessed at being able to receive spiritual guidance to support and teach all those brought to her door ever since, with compassion and love.

Ricardo Ribiero, professional psychic and energy healer with over a decades worth of experience doing public demonstrations of clairvoyance in both South Africa and Canada.

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