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NADIA KHAN KIMMIE - Family Constellations: The Ancestors and Future Generations lie Within us"All our ancestors and all future generations are present in us all the time. Happiness is not an individual matter. As long as the ancestors in us are still suffering, we can’t be happy and we will transmit that suffering to our children and their children." ~Thich Nhat HanhRead More >
JOY SIFREN-SHER - Bi-polar, Transformation and Body Alignment“I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at 18 years and have fought hard to reclaim myself and defy the restrictions that were put on me. Discovering a modality called Body Alignment therapy transformed my life. My journey of self discovery began and I gradually overcame all my challenges. I became a therapist myself in 2006 and have been working with children with learning barriers for the past 15 years.”Read More >

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